Difference between Acute Pain and Chronic Back Bain

In Tampa, FL, our chiropractor at Elan Wellness Center provides therapies and treatments for different types of back pain. Whether you have chronic pain or acute pain, we can help provide pain relief. We welcome patients from the surrounding areas of Westchase, FL, Town & Country, FL, Oldsmar, FL, and Citrus Park, FL.

Acute Pain

Acute back pain might result from some trauma that injuries the soft tissues in the back. An example would be the pain that results from a fall or from a car accident. It has a sudden onset and can be quite excruciating. It can be the result of lifting something incorrectly or just moving suddenly and getting the feeling that something has slipped in your back.

Chronic Pain

Chronic back pain can begin as acute pain and then, as it calms down to a throbbing or nagging pain. It can be the result of deterioration of the discs in your back, osteoarthritis, poor posture or many other things. Chiropractors have many holistic options to help with chronic back pain.

Pain Relief

A spinal adjustment can help with both acute and chronic back pain. When it is combined with other types of chiropractic care, such as corrective exercises, it can be effective on both muscle and vertebrae issues. Other therapies are available including lifestyle advice, which can help to maintain your back health by helping you to avoid things that could hurt it.

Finding Pain Relief for Acute and Chronic Back Pain in Tampa, FL

When you have acute or chronic pain, what you need is pain relief. At Elan Wellness Center, our chiropractor treats not only residents of Tampa but also Westchase, FL, Town & Country, FL, Oldsmar, FL, and Citrus Park, FL. Give our office a call today to make an appointment at (813) 855-0001.

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