Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Tampa, FL

Why You Should See A Chiropractor Following an Auto Accident

If you have ever been involved in a car accident before, you may already be aware of the lingering health issues that may occur due to the accident. Minor fender-benders can even cause injuries or other health issues. Certain conditions may not show any symptoms early on but can lead to serious health issues if left untreated. That's why seeing a chiropractor following a car accident can help assess the root cause of your pain to determine what treatment plan will best work for your needs. Our team at Elan Wellness Center is committed to helping patients in Citrus Park, Oldsmar, Odesa, and Town & Country find natural relief from their pain or discomfort.  

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Diagnosing Pain

Our chiropractor has years of experience and training in diagnosing pain and determining what treatment best fits patients' needs. Sometimes additional treatment is needed. Treatment plans can be recommended based on the type of injury you endured as well as the current state of your health. Following a car accident, it is not unusual for pain to appear within weeks or even months after your accident. During a patient's first consultation, we can assess their medical history and current health. Additional imagining tests like x-rays may be needed for a thorough analysis.

Commonly Treated Injuries

We usually see patients suffering from whiplash-related injuries, contusions, or sore muscles following an auto accident. Whiplash tends to occur more often in a car accident because any car collision can easily cause the driver's head to jerk back and forth, resulting in neck or back pain.  Whiplash injuries often result in low back pain, neck pain, or even headaches. While contusions and bruises are apparent injuries, other conditions caused by car accidents are hidden to the naked eye. That's why chiropractic exams are crucial for a full assessment of your health post-accident.  

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

We provide non-invasive treatment for patients searching for natural relief without needing painkillers or other medications. Our chiropractic care works to relieve the condition from its source rather than just alleviating the symptoms. We will create a customized treatment plan unique to the patient's needs and work with them over several sessions for optimal results. In addition to our chiropractic care, we also offer massage therapy, physiotherapy, and other holistic treatment methods to help patients recover from a wide range of conditions.   

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