Neuropathy can affect your peripheral nervous system and even cause death. However, the good news is that there are treatments that can help to manage its symptoms or treat the condition depending on the underlying cause. One of these treatment options is chiropractic care. If you are suffering from neuropathy and looking for reliable chiropractic care, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rogers at Elan Wellness Center in Tampa, FL.


What Is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a nervous condition that causes numbness, pain, swelling, tingling, and muscle weakness in different body parts. The above symptoms are prevalent in the hands and feet during the initial stages of neuropathy and may advance to other body parts over time.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy can be caused by different factors, including chemotherapy treatments, diabetes, injury, nutritional or vitamin imbalances, medication side effects, and exposure to toxins that may damage the nerves.

What Are The Symptoms of Neuropathy?

The early signs of neuropathy include numbness, weakness, and tingling sensations in the arms and legs. The patients may also experience burning, shooting, or stabbing sensations in the affected areas. As the condition progresses without treatment, patients may lose their balance and coordination due to nerve damage. To avoid the worst, patients should seek neuropathy treatments when symptoms start showing.

Can Chiropractors Help With Neuropathy Treatment?

Chiropractors refer to medical professionals who use therapeutic techniques to treat various conditions in the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems. As such, they can use their expertise to address the pain and other problems resulting from peripheral nerve damage.

At Elan Wellness Center, we start identifying the underlying causes of nerve damage and then tailor a non-invasive treatment plan for them. For instance, if a patient is experiencing lower foot pain, our treatment plan may encompass therapies that encourage quick healing of the leg muscles and joints like the ankles, hips, and knees. So your chiropractic treatment will depend on the underlying problem and the affected areas in the body. Examples of chiropractic treatments that we offer to our patients include:

- Spinal manipulations: These are hands-on treatments done to realign the spine to ease the neuropathic pain and ease the tensed muscles to increase circulation.

- Cold laser therapy: Involves the use of a low-level laser to alter the cell function in the affected areas to trigger new cell growth to counter the nerve damage.

- Exercises: Done to strengthen the muscles and correct any musculoskeletal misalignments.

We also offer nutritional and lifestyle advice to help our neuropathy patients recover.

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Neuropathy is an uncomfortable and debilitating condition that no one wants to experience. If you are living with the condition, do not suffer in silence any more when our chiropractor at Elan Wellness Center in Tampa can help. Our expertly trained chiropractor can help reduce neuropathic pain and other symptoms to help you live happily with the condition. Need more insights, contact us at (813) 855-0001 to book an appointment with our chiropractor.

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