Auto Accidents

Sustained an Auto Accident Injury? Allow Elan Wellness Center the Opportunity to Help You Heal!

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may think that your only option is to seek treatment from a traditional doctor. However, this is not your only option. Here at Elan Wellness Center, your local Westchase chiropractor, we can help you if you have been injured in an automobile accident and have sustained injuries to your lower or upper back, muscles, tendons or soft tissue. Here is more about how we can help you after an auto accident. 

Auto Accident Injury

Injuries an Auto Accident Can Cause That a Chiropractor Can Treat

An auto accident can leave you with many different types of injuries. While a chiropractor cannot treat every type of injury, such as broken bones or a traumatic brain injury, they can help to treat many of the common injuries that are sustained when an automobile collides with yours. 

One of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident is whiplash. This involves damage to the soft tissue in your body. A chiropractor can help to relieve the symptoms associated with whiplash and help you heal. Other common automobile injuries that a chiropractor can treat include sore muscles, back pain, herniated discs, sprains and strains, and neck pain. 

The Treatments We Can Use to Help You Heal

There are different treatments that a chiropractor can use to help you heal from your auto accident injuries. Two of the most common treatments that Elan Wellness Center uses when treating auto accident injuries are chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. 

Chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce swelling, decrease pain and realign the spine. Massage therapy increases blood flow to the massaged area, decreases inflammation, and helps to relax the body. Both techniques can help you to naturally heal. 

The Benefits of Treating Auto Accident Injuries Using a Chiropractor

After an automobile accident, you may find yourself wondering whether to treat with a doctor or whether to treat with a Westchase chiropractor. There are many benefits to treating with a chiropractor. The major benefit to treating with a chiropractor is that their treatment methods are non-invasive and are natural. You won't be prescribed harmful medications or undergo invasive injections or surgical procedures. A chiropractor may help you to heal faster and in a safer manner.  

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Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Are you seeking relief for the pain you may be experiencing? Elan Wellness Center, located in Tampa, Florida, can help you to naturally heal from the injuries you sustained in an auto accident. To schedule your appointment, call us at (813) 855-0001. 


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  • "Dr.Christine is tops! State of the art and simply the best in the Westchase area!!!"
    Andrew L.
  • "Dr. Rogers and her staff are wonderful. They make you feel very comfortable during your visit."
    Ami G.
  • "Dr. Roger's helped me get back to health after a car accident last year. Her office went above and beyond to work with the insuance company on my behalf and make sure I got treatment and approvals for MRI, follow up specialist appts. etc. She is not only a great person but a wonderful Chiropractor. Thankful for all they did! Highly recommended!"
    Andrea H.
  • "I had excruciating neck pain; no range of motion for days. I went to Dr. Rogers for chiro and Jennifer for massage therapy. After 2 sessions, I was as good as new. I don't know what I would've done without their help. They're simply amazing!"
    Jabari E. U. R.
  • "Dr Rogers is a fantastic chiropractor and I would not hesitate to recommend her practice. I used to have migraines constantly but after almost 3 yrs of therapy here, the migraines rarely happen now.
    P.S. Denise is equally as fabulous and is probably the nicest receptionist I've ever encountered! I always look forward to my weekly visits, Love these guys �"
    Eric M.

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