Do Changes in Weather Patterns Worsen Pain?

Why does my pain feel more severe during the change in weather? You aren't imagining it. Certain types of weather can increase pain. Although this may be alarming, you can find relief with chiropractic care at Elan Wellness Center in Tampa, FL.

Conditions Affected by Weather Changes

Arthritis is the most common condition affected by changes in weather. However, other chronic pain conditions can be affected just as much. These include fibromyalgia, migraines, and neuropathy. In addition, you may notice increased back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain during certain types of weather. 

How Does Weather Change Increase Pain? 

Certain types of weather seem to increase pain. For example, damp or humid weather, accompanied by low pressure, significantly increases the odds of experiencing pain. Temperature drops can also have an impact. For example, a temperature that decreases by 10 degrees or more can cause increased pain.

It's believed that lower barometric pressure can reduce fluid flow if tissues are inflamed. So if you have lower back pain, for example, it may increase when the pressure drops. Another theory is that changes in barometric pressure can cause tissues within the body, including joint and muscle tissue, to contract or expand, which can affect pain.

How Temperature Affects Pain 

Lower temperatures may also contribute to more pain. Cooler temperatures thicken fluid within joints, which can cause stiffness. Blood flow is also reduced.

When your body is exposed to cold, the blood vessels shrink. This reaction helps the body conserve body heat. However, it causes reduced blood flow, which can increase pain.

Yet, hot weather can also increase your pain levels. As a result, hot weather causes tissues to expand, which can cause you to feel more pain. Hot weather is accompanied by high humidity and could be a reason it increases pain. Daily humid or damp air and low barometric pressure have the highest chance of increased pain.

Pain Relief with Elan Wellness Center 

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