Chiropractic Care for Sports Injury and Repetitive Use Injury

Holding a knee of a woman

While many people think about chiropractic care for acute injuries, such as those received during an auto accident, a lot of our patients are people who received injuries from sports or other types of repetitive use. These injuries tend to affect a person's arms or legs, and are commonly called extremity injuries. We at Elan Wellness Center serving Tampa, FL, know a lot about chiropractic care treatment for a sports injury or a extremity injury.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help a Sports Injury or Extremity Injury

The extremities on the body are constantly being used in sports and industry. Athletes will practice tennis swings, kicking balls, and throwing baseballs hundreds of times a day. While this can help to train a muscle, it also puts a lot of stress on the muscle and its surrounding nerves. Using the same muscle group this much can force the muscles out of their normal positions. That can put a lot of pressure on the surrounding nerves, which in turn send pain signals to the brain.

In order to fix the problem, our chiropractor can provide treatment that can help move the out of place muscles back to their normal positions. This reduces the pressure on the surrounding nerves while simultaneously helping to reduce the inflammation in the muscles and joints. Over the course of several sessions, this can help to reduce the overall amount of pain that a patient feels.

In severe cases of repetitive stress injury, it may be necessary to receive treatment for several months. During this time, it our chiropractor may recommend reducing your usage of the affected muscle groups.

Treatment for repetitive stress injuries from our chiropractor can complement the care received from a doctor of traditional medicine. That means patients can take pain killers and receive other types of therapies while seeing the chiropractor.

Get Chiropractic Care from Our Chiropractor for Your Sports Injury

If you live in the Tampa, FL, area and you are suffering from the pain caused by a sports or other type of repetitive use injury, give our chiropractic office a call at (813) 855-0001 for Elan Wellness Center. Our chiropractor can provide chiropractic care treatment for a sports injury, repetitive use injury, extremity injury, or more.

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