Back to School: Proper Posture

Kids wearing back pack

Many different issues can contribute to back pain in children and teens. One of the most common causes of these issues is poor posture. As kids head back to school, working on correcting poor posture is more important than ever. Elan Wellness Center, serving Tampa, Westchase, Town & Country, Oldsmar, Citrus Park, and Odesa, FL can help you and your kids learn better posture habits.

What Causes Bad Posture?

In some cases, bad posture can be a result of a back disorder such as scoliosis. For most people, bad posture is simply a bad habit. If posture is not a priority, the human body will naturally take on whatever is the most comfortable position. Unfortunately, the most comfortable position is not always the best posture. The amount of time we spend looking down at screens also encourages poor posture. This has become more and more of an issue in the last several decades. As video games, television, and smartphones have increased in popularity, the posture of children has gotten worse.

Correcting Bad Posture

The good news is that bad posture can be corrected and a chiropractor can help. Through spinal adjustments and exercises, our chiropractor can help you and your child create better posture habits for the upcoming school year. Regular spinal adjustments will be crucial to long-term postural improvements. If the spine is out of alignment, it will be very difficult to maintain a proper posture.

When you first start to visit the chiropractor, spinal adjustments will be performed to restore your body’s natural alignment. Our chiropractor will also instruct you in corrective exercises to strengthen your body, allowing you to hold your body in its correct position more easily. Remember, bad posture is a bad habit, so good posture is a good habit. This is something that will need to be worked on for a while before the body learns what you want it to do. Aside from improving your posture, chiropractic adjustments will also relieve your pain, improve your range of motion, and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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