Auto Accident Injury FAQs

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In addition to injuries you can plainly see, auto accidents can cause painful musculoskeletal injuries that aren’t so obvious. At Elan Wellness Center, we specialize in musculoskeletal auto accident injury treatment. If you live in Tampa, Town & Country, Oldsmar, Citrus Park, or Odesa, you can see our Westchase chiropractor for diagnosis of your injury. These FAQs explain more about chiropractic care for auto injuries.

Why should you see a chiropractor for an auto accident injury?

Auto accidents are notorious for causing muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, and nerve injuries, which are exactly the types of injuries chiropractors treat. By seeing your auto injury chiropractor as soon as possible after your accident, you can avoid delays in diagnosing and treating your condition.

What kind of musculoskeletal injuries can auto accidents cause? 

Whiplash is a common auto injury. It occurs when your head whips around uncontrollably, damaging muscles and tissues in your cervical spine. Whiplash can cause neck pain and stiffness, headaches, dizziness, numbness, and difficulty sleeping. Symptoms may begin right away or be delayed due to the shock of your injury. Auto accidents can also cause muscle strains and sprains, ligament tears, displaced bones and joints, herniated discs, subluxations, and more.

How does chiropractic help with musculoskeletal auto injuries?

Chiropractic care treats painful injuries at their source, so you can obtain long-term pain relief. Through chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractor will ease displaced joints and bones back into alignment to restore balance to your musculoskeletal system. This relieves pressure off of spinal nerves to reduce pain and restore spinal function.

We may combine adjustments with massage therapy to relax muscle tension and circulate nutrient-rich blood to areas that need healing. We’ll also recommend rehab exercises that can strengthen your body and improve flexibility and mobility. After evaluating your condition, we’ll customize a treatment plan to expedite your recovery.

See Our Westchase Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

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