How does Proper Breathing Help Your Posture?

Proper posture is essential because poor posture can cause pain, injury, and impaired movement. Routine chiropractic adjustments can help with back pain and improve your posture. Additionally, the chiropractor can help offer lifestyle change suggestions and proper breathing techniques to help maintain good posture. The chiropractic care team at Elan Wellness Center in Tampa assists patients in Westchase, Town & Country, Oldsmar, Citrus Park, and Odessa to improve their posture through proper breathing methods.

Proper Breathing Involves Deep Breathing

How we breathe can significantly impact our overall health and wellness. For example, breathing deeply can positively affect the heart rate, blood pressure, and mental alertness. Deep breathing can also help put the body back into its natural position, which includes better posture.

Regular deep breathing provides many benefits, including stress relief, stronger lungs, improved cardiovascular health, and better cognitive performance. In addition, practicing better breathing techniques, including taking deep breaths, can help improve your overall health, wellness, and mental clarity.

What happens when you use proper breathing techniques? 

When you work on breathing deeply, the diaphragm lifts the rib cage, expanding the chest cavity to allow air into the lungs. A deep inhale helps elongate the spine, which reduces pressure on the discs and strengthens the torso muscles. Taking deep breaths regularly helps elongate the spine, increasing space between the joints, which can improve the spine's ability to twist and bend. Over time, the upper back, shoulders, and neck will be more likely to move and remain in their optimal position, helping improve posture.

See a Chiropractor for Improved Posture

Seeing a chiropractor can help treat back pain and offer lifestyle advice, including proper breathing techniques to help improve your posture. Contact the chiropractic care team at Elan Wellness in Tampa for advice on deep breathing techniques and posture improvement. We serve patients in Westchase, Town & Country, Oldsmar, Citrus Park, and Odessa.

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